Anonymous said: Nothing much, just really happy. :D

Oh heeeeey:)

butterflyl0ve said: Why are you such a G? I miss my baby brother :'(

Chicks on my dick # swag love u sis

Anonymous said: No. We aren't close. I'm a different girl. You don't know I exist. :c

Ok so I don’t know you? Awk..

Anonymous said: I really like you. But you don't even know I exist. :c

Text me ? 576.8847. And you said we where close?

Anonymous said: I really like you, and we are close friends so I didn't want to say it to you, i'm scared it will effect our friendship. but can you promise me it won't? <3

It won’t :) tell me? Plz text it too me.

Anonymous said: What's up? :D

Nm u? :)

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